Change folder icon via desktop.ini

I change folder icon via creation desktop.ini file in folder with


But dopus still show me standart folder icon uintl i restart it.

What command i need to run that refresh the icon?
I have tried



but it doesn't works well.
Any ideas?

Those look like the wrong notifications. You'd need to send a notification about the folder itself.

There's no need to do this by hand, though. The standard Properties dialog for folders allows you to change their icons and will automatically create the desktop.ini file and broadcast the correct notification to all interested applications.

What notification is correct?

Please link your account if you want me to look up the exact details and can't use the Properties dialog for some reason.

I have not account. I develop an utility that changes folder icon via desktop.ini file.
Trouble is how to refresh DOpus after changing.
Thank you

Ah, fair enough!

Actually, after looking into this, Opus doesn't seem to refresh folder icons when the shell changes them either. It takes an F5 refresh to get the new folder icon. I was thinking of something unrelated.

Do both WM_SETTINGCHANGE and SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED work with Explorer, or only one? We should be able to make Opus do the same thing.

Apologies for my misunderstanding, too!

I am using CLI Folder Icon Changer which works perfectly with DOpus (icon is updated without user intervention for x86 or x64) and it seems its source code is there (under Source Code Snipplets):
If it has nothing to do with what you are talking about, my sincere apologies, I am obviously not a developer lol