Change menu item Help from webpage to submenu

How can I change menu item Help in toolbar Menu from webpage to submenu? I do not want to reset to factory default, and my Menu1 toolbar lacks "File" (don't know how that happened)?

I have DOpus v. 13.1 x64.


Hans L

PS How can you change from Dark mode to light on this website? My eyes are allergic to black!

Leo, I see that the reference you made to the manual is for fixing the universe ... I only wanted a new menu item :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In any event, thanks ... I think I can see a few nice solutions in the things you sent.

Hans L

Seems like everything about Toolbars covered everything ... except Help.

However, it turned out to be quite simple when I had the correct Help in Menu (1). I opened Menu 1 and dragged its help menu button up to where Menu was, and delted the existing Help button. I could have edited too. In any event, I have what I want.


Hans L

The guide I linked to explains how to use the Default Toolbars tab to get whatever you want.


Hans L