Change modified date only, not time?

I goofed when i set the clock on my digital cam today, and now i would like to geotag my photos from my GPS. I put 2008-09-30 as the date instead of 2008-08-30. I know DO can change the modified date on the files, but it insists on wanting to change the time as well. I need to preserve the timestamp, just the date needs to be changed.

How can I do that?

You didn't say which timestamps you are looking to modify so I assume it's the EXIF ones as those are the timestamps used when geocoding images.

To shift EXIF timestamps up or down a set amount I would use either ExifTool in a command line script or an image management program such as IMatch to do so. Either method is pretty easy to implement although IMatch makes it very easy.

On the other hand if you do mean the image file timestamps, then I'm not sure why you would really care about those. But if so I'd use one of the various TOUCH available utilities in a script to do so. I use 4NT for my command line scripting and it includes a timestamp touch tool.

not the EXIF data .... when i look at the CF card in a card reader, the date as listed in the "modified" column of DO, is a month off. I accidentally set the date in the cam wrong. I just need to set that modified date back a month. Not the EXIF data

Well then as far as I know you're probably looking at using one of those touch utilities as I mentioned last time.

However I suspect you'll discover geocoding images really doesn't depend on the image file timestamps as I'm pretty sure every utility I've used (Downloader Pro and RoboGEO) geocode by using the image internal EXIF timestamps. I never preserve the file timestamps of my images and I've been geocoding them for about a year now.