Change modified date using a preset

Q: Is it possible to change modified date by using rename preset ?
Meaning to say that I would then select a (number of) file(s) -> run the preset , which wud be asking me a for the new modified date.


Why not just use the SetAttr command?

because... eh...
I did not think of it!
Thanks a lot!

Admittedly, it is a poor excuse, but the reason for looking for a solution into the direction of 'renaming' is that, sofar, I have been using another filerenamer for the various redates,
both EXIF and non-EXIF. So the File Commands did not come up. Thanks again.

Don't know whether it is feasable but what about adding something like

[X] Use shooting time

in the File Commands->Set Attributes window, under "Times" ?


(I know there is a rename-script 'Set to Shooting Time')