Change style via a hot-key


I would like to be able to swap between two different styles via a hot-key. However, I can't find a command to swap between them.

Is this possible?

I first thought @ifset might be able to test for Style but it appears not. However, you might be able to kludge a command based on a test, such as @ifset=View, that is supported.

Regards, AB

Thanks aussieboykie...

I have tried with views but they don't behave in the way I desire.

Basically I want a toolbar button/hotkey to toggle between the default style i run (Folder Tree & Dual Listers) and one with just the active lister visible. The trick is that I'd like DO to remember the 'hidden' lister and restore it as it was when I come out of 'single lister' mode.

In fact, after further testing and experimentation, I find that switching styles doesn't achieve my goal either - the 2nd lister appears but it doesn't remember the tabs, etc. that were then before I switched to single lister view.

So... is this something that DO can do, or do I need to put in a feature request?

Make a button/hotkey/etc. which runs this:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember TREE=Toggle

[quote="leo"]Make a button/hotkey/etc. which runs this:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember TREE=Toggle[/quote]

Leo.... Thankyou... Awesome:)