Change the behaviour of favourites menu please

Hi, I truly love the favorites menu of DO, but I'm painfully aware that it access at all the shortcuts stored there at the moment in wich the menu it's opened.
That could be nice for a check of validity/existance, but, if like me you have external hard drives that stop to spin after some time when not used (green is better.... or not ..) the Opus window froze until the external drive(s) spin on again.
Since I have 4 of those usually connected at my laptop, the frozen time is multiply by four and is quite annoying.
I know I can make buttons with the shortcuts that I need external to that, but that place should be the one that is assigned for such things, without having an additional bar full of my shortcuts.

What I'm asking, if possible, is simply sightly change this feature for having the shortcuts accessed only when they are truly selected and not at the opening of such menu.


See if this helps --

Go to Settings -> Customize, then edit the Favorite Locations item on the menu and remove the SHOWICONS argument.

Thaks for the suggestion, I setted it.. now I have to wait for my drives to go to sleep since I've accessed them some moment before reading your post.
I believe could be a solution and an explaination of why it access the disks as well!

I'll post you more in a while...