Change the default Rename Preset?

I'm using the latest version of Opus (12.9 Build 6724).
I've made a rename preset for myself and have marked it as favorite.
Each time I open rename dialog, Standard Wildcard Rename is selected from Mode dropdown.
I have to double click my preset to activate it and continue with my rename process.

Since I use Rename very frequently, and mostly I'm in a rush, in some cases I have clicked the OK button without double clicking my own preset and activating it.
And I end up with a mess of renamed files.

Is there any way to set my preset as the default mode? I mean I need to select the files, open Rename dialog and click OK.
And I be done. without any fuss....

Any kind of help is much appreciated.

Hi! You can create a new button on any toolbar:

If you want to do this without opening the rename dialog:
Rename PRESET="mypresetname"

If you want the dialog open and to show your preset:
Rename PRESET="mypresetname" ADVANCED

Did you try like that?


Million thanks.
Perfect. Just what I was looking for.
I appreciate your help.