Change thumbnail size for Source file display only?

This is an old issue for me, I want to Create a button That's

change View = Thumbnails and
this button should works for the assigned file display, the arguments may be left right source dest
Something like this

Set SOURCE=Right 
Set VIEW=Thumbnails 
Show THUMBNAILSIZE=right,384

I do not want to set the button in to my Address Bar / file location bar. Is there another way now?

You command is setting the source to the right but changing the thumbnail size in the left…

I have corrected the type mistake

Now there’s a space that shouldn’t be there after the comma.

OK now I have fixed that space; but that's not solve my problem; If I click that button It's works fine no problem. but problem is when I open any folder in my left file display which have content type Image that's folder also display the thumbnails in 384 size, which I don't want. my default thumbnail size is 128px. So I want to the left file display should display the thumbnail in 128px, not in 384px. It's seems to that button Triger the global thumbnail size in 384px, that's I don't want. I want that button works only for my assigned file display only, not globally for every where.

Thumbnailsize is global only (if you look into manual there's no option for left/right display).

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Thanks Sasa, that's the matter, in that case, if possible in feature Please add the option.

Note: I have a old request also to add a feature for Select font's for file display for a special folder and it's subfolders, as we know the font for file display is also global. I have some issue with the common font, that's does not display properly the file or folder names in "Unicode Bangla" If I have the chance to select a best Bengali Unicode font as Kalpurush, shonar bangla etc for those folder which has renamed in "Unicode Bangla" that would be great. Thanks

The Show THUMBNAILSIZE argument isn’t global, and is documented as taking “left” and “right” as parameters.

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Where? I can't find it under "show".


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