Change to text selection upon upgrade to v10.2.0.0

I just upgraded from upgrade to v10.1.0.0 to upgrade to v10.2.0.0. I noticed there is a change to the way text is selected.
If editing a filename (eg using F2), the text selection is normally excellent. Hold Ctrl-Shift and use the arrows to change the selection to suit. The change in this upgrade is with the file extension. On first hitting F2, DOPUS selects the filename without the extension or the dot (good) - unchanged. But when the whole name is selected and I use Ctrl_Shift-Left Arrow, then the first selection is AFTER the dot, instead of BEFORE the dot (ie the dot that precedes the extension). Selecting text in the opposite direction, Ctrl-Shift-Right Arrow, does the same thing (it did not do this in the previous version). While no major disaster, this simple change fundamentally alters habits of years and makes selection of text just that tiny bit less brilliant.
To me the new way is less convenient. Was it deliberate or an oversight?

It's a side effect of some other changes and fixes to the way word breaks are calculated in the rename control.

By that I assume you mean its here to stay? At least you guys are aware of it. Not the biggest issue in the world...
I'd hate your job - a little programming push here and something pops out over there! Although, I do love the overall outcome of all the effort..

We're planning to see if the previous behaviour can be restored without compromising the other changes.

This will be fixed in the next beta.

Thanks Jon!