Change zip file content not working


I have Opus v9, and is having a hard to change the zip file content.

After Dopus opens up a zip file, I try to make some simple change to a text file. Saved it. No error message of any kind. However, the change is not there when I open the same text file again.

Is this the proper way of doing this ? or I have to do it the regular way using WinRAR.

When you double-click something in a zip file it is extracted to a temp directory and then that temp file is opened.

Once you're done viewing (or editing) the file, it will be deleted. Any changes made will be lost. To update a file in a zip you should extract it somewhere, edit it, then copy it back into the zip.

Opus doesn't check for changes and then update the zip file.

Opus does have such a feature for FTP sites, but not for zip files. (Settings -> Preferences -> File Operations -> Options: Re-upload modified files...) If you want something similar for zip files you could write to GPSoftware and see if they can extend the FTP feature to work with zips.

Many thanks for the clarification.