Changed computer Opus reverted back to evaluation

How do I re establish Opus back to my purchased copy after transferring all my data and programs to a new computer, now I have an evaluation version

You have to re-install your certificate which you should have received by email when you purchased Opus. See Help -> License Manager.

All I have is the Registration Code and have used the License Mngr but it requires a Product Token which unfortunately has floated into the ether during the changeover.

You don't need a product token. Those are only used when getting licences from boxed versions or third-party resellers (and similar). Once used, they give you a licence code and certificate like you would get if you buy the program direct from the GPSoftware website. Whichever way you go, you end up with a registration code and certificate file in the end.

The certificate file is what the licence manager needs.

If you've lost it, you can get it again here:

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Thanks Leo