Changed Field Order, Now Sorted by date modified

I changed the field order in my saved lister. I don't need the file type but I like to see the date.

Now, all my tabs are sorted by Date and Time (modified)

I have tried changing the view/sort by and saving the lister, but it still pops up sorted by the most recently used folders.

This is very frustrating, and I would give Directory Opus a one star for this annoyance. How can I see the folder/date and have the lister sort in a normal alphanumeric order?

Clicking on the column name at the top of each column (Name, Size, Modified, etc) will change the sort order to that column. Clicking the column name will change the order between low to high and high to low. You can also specify default sort order for all folders or specific folders. This can be done via options under the Settings tab in the main menu choices.

Thank you! There are way too many options and trying to find my way through them makes my head spin. I tried to use the help manual on the lister, but there were no clear instructions.