Changed folder image, not sticking

i'm trying to change the picture that showing on a folder, in my pictures. When I

  • right click on the folder and select properties
  • select the customize tab
  • click Choose Picture, select on in the folder
  • click the apply the image that shows on the folder does not change,

but I can see the new image when I open windows explorer.

Anyone else have this problem?

At the moment at least, Opus doesn't support setting the background image for folders in this way. You have to do it via Folder Options instead.

First you have to add the image you want to use to the set of Images that Opus knows about in Preferences, Display, Images and then you have to add a Folder Format for the directory you're interested in which tells Opus to use the image (on the Options tab of the Folder Format editor dialog).

Check out this FAQ entry for some more info on configuring images within Opus.

Check out this FAQ entry if you're having trouble understanding the Folder Formats system.