Changes to Rename?

Hi there Jon,

Was wondering if there were any particular changes to regular expression syntax in 8.1 preview. I first installed the initial Unicode preview release, followed by the 8034 update (posted on the 23rd?). When I call up the advanced rename utility, the old "number" preset I have to rename from: b.(.)[/b] to: \1_[#].\2 results in the preview showing only the sequential number portions of the rename clause ([#]). Also, I can't seem to see the enhancement to allow the multiple wildcard () rename feature to work. For instance, if I try something like from: . to: *.test then the preview shows nothing at all. And actually this last example is just using 'Standard Rename' not regex.

There should not have been - and both of these things work ok for me:

Hmmm... ok thanks. I'm still cleaning out garbage from my registry/settings from the "@" I/E thing. I will uninstall, clean out my reg and disk and see what happens after a fresh re-install.


Thanks for looking into the problems reported by all of us users so actively for the preview... I'm happy to say that after uninstalling, manually deleting any remnants, and re-installing the official 8.1 release alot of these really off the wall problems I was having went away. I imagine when I ran into those unicode related Import/Export Settings issues, between that and my poking around in the registry must have sufficiently fubar'ed things to a non-working state. There are just a few minor issues at this point...