Changing and repositioning windows

Hi folks,
a) my two top productivity apps are Opus and AquaSnap,
yet Opus won't snap, any idea why ?

b) how can one minimize-all and maximize-all opus windows using a pair, or a single, toggle, hotkey

c) what hot keys can be used to traverse (successively activate the window of) all open Opus listers
ctrl-shift-tab seems to be generic to windows and only goes in one direction ...

d1) could there be a command to show tiles of all listers with letters
a bit like the windows multi-monitor identify command
so that one could do then A or B or C or D

d2) like ms-word and excel, is there an arrange-windows comand for opus
so that the collection of open listers can be
cascaded, tiled, or arranged vertically or horizontally

e) is there a command to put opus into a mode
where the keyboard arrow-keys can be used to move the splitter
between dual-mode displays, both vertical and horizontal,
with perhaps an enter key once the desired position is reached,
to complete the action ?

Many thx,

Never used AquaSnap, but dopus works with WinSplitRevolution looks like the apps are similar.

As a general note, it's best to ask one question per thread, as it is very difficult to have parallel conversations about multiple questions in a single thread.

I can't answer a, so let's move on to b, and we can move on to the other questions once we're done with this one:

Have a look at the Set command's LISTERCMD argument, which can do some related things.

For example:

Set LISTERCMD=MinimizeAll