Changing default view of network shares

I have changed all the dopus 10 views to show Details by default which works for everything other than network shares, if I browse to \servername, the view always reverts to Tiles view, which makes it difficult to locate the share I need. In Settings/Preferences/Folder Formats, I can set the defaults for network drives and also adjust settings for custom, for anything that isn't listed, but neither will affect the display of network shares. Is there a way I can change this behaviour?

That's the network-computer folder above the network shares, FWIW. (Network shares themselves should be treated like normal folders.)

See Folder Formats: Special Folders (Computer, Network, etc.), under the Other virtual folders part at the bottom.

I see. I've tried what you suggested and it does indeed work for individual servers, but it does not let me set defaults for all servers. I did want to change it so all servers were displayed in Details view with the Offline Availability column visible, but it looks like I would have to do this for each server (and possibly on each registered Directory Opus workstation depending whether those settings get exported).

I think the defaults for those folders come from Windows itself. I'm not sure if there is a way to modify them.

(Explorer disables the "apply to all folders of this type" button when in the same type of folder, so that won't work. All I can find so far is info on how to change other folder types in Explorer, and a long, heated thread of people complaining that Microsoft messed up the way default folder options are applied to different folder types in Vista and Win7.)

While the defaults for the \server folders come from Windows (as far as I can tell, at least), any changes you make to them in Opus will be saved within your Opus config, and so will be exported with your configuration to other machines. The only thing to note is that the settings only apply to the exact same version of Windows, so the other machine has to be on the same service pack, same 32-bit or 64-bit, etc. for it to work.

(That also means the settings are slightly fragile, as any Windows Update which affects shell32.dll will cause the old \server folder settings to be thrown away. We did this because the settings data comes from Windows is in the form of an opaque binary blob which Opus just stores & passes back to the OS next time the \server folder is viewed, and we found there were big problems passing that binary data back to the OS when it came from a different version.)