Changing folder view without altering the default format?

What I'd like to do is make a toolbar button that will change the view (details/thumbnails/power ect...) of the currently displayed folder without setting this as the default format for all folders. Right now when I change to thumbnails view, all folders that do not have custom content type formats will also be changed to thumbnails view. Is there some way to change the view (and possibly save it) for only the current folder using the internal commands?

I have three side by side buttons on my primary toolbar labeled "Thumbs" "Details" and "Power" that allow me to switch from one mode to another on the fly, in any folder I want.

I know that's not exactly what you're asking for, but for me at least it's been the best way to do it as I always have full control over which mode I'm in no matter what folder I'm in.

What about making a custom file type format for folders with no files (only folders). This would have roughly the same effect that I'm after, since ALL folders would revert to the default format upon refreshing. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do this since DO won't let you create a custom file type group without entering any file extensions.

No matter how you approach this, you should keep in mind your preferences for the other folder formats, saved styles, etc, can and will override any magic button you may come up with to solve this immediate problem. If you haven't already done so you might want to study the sticky in this forum called "folder view settings not sticking" because until you have all that set up exactly the way you want, I don't see how we really can really give you a cut and dried answer to this question.

I kind of went down a similar road for awhile here when I was new to DOpus. After a lot of thought and tweaking what works best for me now is to use saved styles to set the columns and sort order I want for each style, and to NOT have any folder format or style set the view (thumbs, details or power). I leave that up to the three buttons I mentioned last time.

I don't mean to be vague, but until you have everything else configured, I don't see a simple answer to this.

With the exception of a couple of folders, what John describes is exactly the way I set things up on my system as well.

This said, don't forget about the lock icon/button in the status bar. If you change to a folder format and click this then the folder format will be locked as it is and won't change for the current window.

Don't forget that you can now setup a view mode toggle button.

A button like:

Set VIEW=Details,Thumbnails

will allow you to toggle between details and thumbnails mode. Saves some space on the toolbar.

I tried John's method combined with some custom formats for a comple particular folders (like my picutres). It seems to be good enough for now. Hopefully GPSoft will add the ability to temporarily change folder view through internal commands in a future release. I can't believe its currently impossible to do this. Also, thank you to tanis for the tip.