Changing Font Size in File Display Toolbar

How do you increase the font size in the box in the toolbar which displays the folder path/breadcrumbs? And the arrow icons on that toolbar? I can't do this in settings>prefs >display > colors and fonts. And in customize > right click location button > edit I have tried changing the existing args from ........0+0+0+3+3 to higher numbers but all that seems to do is change the spacing between the breadcrumbs. Win 10, 64bit Dopus, 3240 x 2160 res.

It uses the font set for the toolbar itself, which you can change from Customize / Toolbars.

I am set up so that in Settings > Customize Toolbars > Toolbars, there is only one Toolbar (my customized toolbar) with a checkbox checked. I can change the font on that toolbar with no problem. But if I uncheck that box, so no toolbar is checked, then I still see a green bar at the top with breadcrumbs on it. That behaves like a toolbar in that I can add or remove buttons on it, but I can't remove the 'toolbar' itself. If I could remove it then I could check the 'Location' toolbar and adjust the font on that. Any ideas?

That's the File Display toolbar, which should also be in the list. It isn't checked in the list as it's not turned on as a normal toolbar, but you can still edit it there.

That said, based on your other question, it sounds like your fonts may be too small system-wide? If so, increasing the scaling setting in the Windows Display Properties is better than increasing each individual font in every program. (Just be sure to reboot after changing it for it to fully take effect.)

Thanks Leo, that's clear and helpful. You're right that a better solution would be to use Windows 10's scaling but try as I might I always find that the title bar fonts on 'modern' apps look larger than non-'modern' apps such as Dopus. ('modern' may be incorrect terminology - I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. But the disparity is there.)