Changing the default settings dir

There was another thread which was, at least partially, about changing the default settings directory. I'm starting this thread because that one got locked before I discovered it. I understand why it is locked, but I'd like to discuss the actual subject.

Though I don't consider this to be a major issue, I'd be happy, for a reason not previously mentioned, if the location of the settings could be changed.

My reason is that if I have to restore the OS partition, settings on another partition survive the restore.

I make image backups of my OS partition and data partition almost every day. I keep any settings that I can on the data partition.

A prime example is Firefox. I put the Firefox profile on the data partition. When something gets "hosed" and I have to restore the Windows partition, my latest Firefox settings survive.

Since Opus has a good settings backup and restore feature, this issue is less of one than it would be if that feature didn't exist. I can backup the settings (to the data partition) as often as I want and restore the latest backup after I restore Windows, but that's one less thing I have to think about in, for example, Firefox.

There are potential issues in such a scheme, primarily issues about whether the settings stored in a special location are compatible with the version of the application restored with Windows, but, on balance, I find it advantageous to be able to restore last week's state of Windows without also restoring last week's state of Firefox (and a few other application) settings.

I'm not sure I feel strongly enough about this to make a formal request for a change to Opus, but I do feel that it is a desirable trait for an application to allow specification of where it's settings and data are stored.

You can move the /appdata path (or your user profile which contains it) to another partition, if your aim is to be able to overwrite the system partition without affecting /appdata.

Yes, that occurred to me as a possibility after posting.

I'm not sure if I want to go that far or not. Maybe. I have to give some thought to and do some research on the matter.

Thanks for confirming that it's possible.