Changing the DEST and SOURCE fonts?

Is it possible? Also the file header tab font.

Any fonts that can be changed are changed through Prefs->Display->Colors & Fonts.

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by DEST, SOURCE and "file header tab" fonts, but I think you want "File display font", and "File display header font", both of which you will find in the above mentioned Prefs section.

Ok, the file display header font was one of them. The other one might not be able to be changed. I want to change the font in the Source and Dest bars. Go to the Colors and Fonts and Click on the Green Dest bar. That's the font I would like to change.

The source/dest bars are called the "file display border" in the manual and Preferences. There isn't an item for them in the Preferences list of fonts and none of the other items change the border's font. (I tried changing my Windows titlebar font as well but that isn't the one either.) I could swear I configured the border font a while ago but now I don't know how...

"File display header," as you've already discovered, refers to the the list of columns and its font can be configured via Preferences.

Seems odd that the File Display Border is one of the few things you can't change. Was it perhaps a registry setting?