'$' character in a very specific OR recursive RegExp rename

Hello ,

Can anyone either confirm this or prove me wrong .
I've been tinkering with some RegExp Renames.

Specifically, I've encountered a problem with the following code that flanks '$' characters with a space character regardless of the space character's existence prior to the rename.
Ths works for any other character I've tried, but I'm hung on '$' characters.

Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*)(([^ ])($)|($)([^ ]))(.*)#" TO="\1\3 \4\5 \6\7"
It is quite possible it's just that my old computer has a problem with the '$' character.

Ths kind of thing seems to work ( so far ) if one is quite specific in mirroring both sides of the 'OR' to exact characters and the number of them.


Just popping in for a moment this time Zip and I haven't analyzed your RegEx much at all, but I do know if you want to use a literal $ in RegEx, you have to escape it with a .

Btw I got your email, and will answer it soon.