Cheated. Don't let it happen to you! This will be deleted!

:stuck_out_tongue: I bought Directory Opus 10 in April 2013. I got an email this morning telling me Opus 11 had been released. I was told could upgrade with 50% discount. I emailed to say that as I only paid for v10 in April, I shouldn't have to pay for the new version. I was told by Dr Greg Perry, "that the free upgrade amnesty is from December 1, 2013 so you do not qualify". So although I bought it in April 2013, and usually I had all the updates for about 3 years. Just because I upgraded from Opus 9 to 10, when I had enough money, I'm told in so many words that "you have wasted your money, sorry". :angry:

You'll probably not wanna hear this, but you got it all wrong.
You bought version 10, and have gotten lots of updates for it. It has constantly recieved more stuff to play with through all 2013 (just look at the versions-letters).

Now, version 11 is out. It is a hole new version. Just like Windows 7 and windows 8. It has much more under its hood than you can look at.

You get an discount IF you want to buy this new version, but you dont have to. Version 10 is still working, and if there is a serious bug, GPsoftware has proven to get bugfixes out for "old" software.

So, cheated? No. You have bought one damn good software, and you can use it the rest of your life.
If you want to upgrade to the latest (like some windows 7 users that whant windows 8 has to), you have to pay...

Hahaha, I always wonder about some people...

Never upgrade to Win 8 - you will be cheated!

^^ What he said.

Opus is 10 is a great product and the one you paid for. There is no need for you to have to buy 11, that is a choice. Opus 10 is great and will serve you very well.

There will always be times in life when you buy something and a new version comes out soon after, there is no need or point getting upset, you haven't been cheated.

Sorry, forgot: Never upgrade your car model to newer version - you will be cheated! :wink:

They have released major versions every ~3-4 years lately, so that is just bad luck.
With every major release there's alot of updates and beta's before the next one.

If they keep the same pace as the last couple of major releases, you won't see a new major version for at least 2-3 years. Dec 13, 2004
9: Apr 2007
10: Apr 2011
11: Mar 2014

Is that black hole? I do hope not.

Apart from that, spot on.

These days the standard model is "rentware". You pay an annual fee to get updates, even if they don't turn up.

Some people have gone so far as to write software that stops working if you don't pay your annual fee. (Shame on you Mailwasher.)

And unlike ,many software writers, they even put out an update for 10.X at the same time as they released 11.X.

Most places wash their hands of anyone who doesn't stump up for the new version.

Keep saving. You will still be able to buy the upgrade in a year or two, when you have had enough time to justify the cost of your last update.

What a right Charlie! :laughing:

Companies usually only offer free upgrade from the time that the beta is released. This is because they don't want people to hold off purchasing till the next version. Otherwise releasing a beta would mean that sales would dry up until the RTM.

I empathise, you can often feel cheated when a new version comes out not long after you purchase a product.
I find its best to consider that you purchased product x because you thought it was worth the cost.
To save disappoint, get in on DO11 early. There prob wont be a DO12 for a few years.

And your old wife? I want to upgrade to Jennifer Lawrence and/or Chloe Bennet.
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@Destry: No prob, I upgraded 2 years ago, new model is also less expensive :wink: