Check box mode

I can't get the check box mode to work. I see the display of the check boxes and I check a few files. But when I drag a checked file to a new folder I only one file moves.

I thought that all the checked files were supposed to move.

Then when I save the lister exit and recall the lister the check boxes are gone. I don't know whether the boxes would remain after you close the lister so I could misunderstand this one.


John Cesta

It's working as designed. Checkboxes are only temporary and they'll also disappear if you change directories.

Checkboxes do not always function the same as individual file selections as you've found out. Where I find them very useful is when I want to send a bunch of files to an external application, such as sending digital images to the Adobe Photoshop. You have to create a button to launch the external application and it must contain an external control code such as {f} to send the checked files to that application. In this kind of situation you can either use the checkboxes or individual file selections to send those files to another program.

Ive had a similar experience as JohnZ insofar as noticing how check-box mode seems to actually work - but I'm not sure it's as designed...

From the internal help information:When check-box mode is enabled, actions that usually take place on selected files instead take place on checked files. This lets you interact with files by double-clicking, context menu or drag and drop without disturbing their selection state.That last little bit implicitly states that checking files in check-box mode should let you process the checked files with double-click, context, and drag-and-drop actions... but from trying that just now, none of these things seem to be happening. All such actions still only run against the selected/highlighted file, so I'm thinking this is a bug - or that a documentation change is in order.

No, you just need to re-read the documentation :slight_smile:

'doh - there's just no arguing with the two J(h)ons...

So yeah I read wrong - dam. Double clicking and what not doesn't 'disturb the selection state' because the check marks still have the 'checked' files selected. The 2 sentences back-to-back confusled me - double dam.

Don't beat yourself up, Steje. If the documentation has the subtle meaning suggested by Jon, then it is very misleading if not outright wrong.

Note the plural "checked files" here -- a plain reading indicates that actions performed on checked fileS will behave exactly the same as if those mulitiple files were selected. Since drag and drop works on selected files, D&D should work on checked files. JohnCesta says D&D does not work the same on checked files, and I've verified that. Ergo, this line of the documentation is wrong. (If "usually" is meant to signify that only SOME actions that take place on selected files will work on checked files, then the sentence is vague and ambiguous -- it would have to read "... SOME actions that take place on selected files also take place on checked files").

So, does the next line act as a modifier to the first line?

Answer, no. It simply says that performing any of 3 types of actions will not disturb the checked (i.e., selection) state.

Neither of these 2 lines even suggests that D&D will not work on checked files.

Since File|File Commands (e.g., Move) DO work on checked files, failure of D&D to work on checked files has to be regarded as a bug.

John Land

To me, the key word in the sentence below (from the pdf help file page 27), is the word "functions".

"When turned on, a check-box is displayed next to each filename in the Lister, and functions that normally operate on selected files instead only operate on checked files."

Can drag and drop be regarded as a function? Or is it an operation? I agree it's a little vague and could be clarified a bit.

The behaviour is as designed. If the manual is confusing, well, it wouldn't be the first time...

JohnCesta, the check boxes work properly (and as a normal person would expect, given their stated purpose) if you invoke File|File Commands|Move to move checked files en masse to another folder.

John Land

I am a new user of DOpus and have just spent over 2 hours solving the exact same issue that johncesta had almost 5 years ago. It was hard to find this topic in the forum, and I was especially confused by the current help text (I am using the latest DOpus version

Even though this text has changed somewhat compared to the 2005 help text described in another posting in this thread, as a newbie I still interpret the quoted sentence such that D&D (which normally works on selected files) now must work on checked files. Moreover, since Vista Windows Explorer has a check box function that works with D&D and thus influences my expectations of DOpus (again: as a newbie) I was thinking for a at least an hour that DOpus contains a bug, until I found this posting. Moral of the story: the help text is still unclear and I honestly think it should be clarified (again).

I do also have an additional question. CTRL:-A selects all check boxes. But, how do I quickly unselect the check boxes? In Windows Explorer I just click anywhere in the window and all the check boxes are unchecked (possibly with one check box still checked if I select a file or folder). This approach does not work in DOpus.

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(Edit/Update: See next post if you just want a toolbar button; you should already have one.)

You can create a hotkey or toolbar button which runs Select NONE (if you want a hotkey, go to Settings -> Customize -> Keys; have a look at the existing Ctrl-A hotkey and it should be easy to see how to make a similar one which deselects everything).

You could also make it so that double-clicking the file display background deselects everything. Doing that is a bit more advanced, but not much. Go to Settings -> Customize -> Commands -> User and create a new user command which runs Select NONE and then go to Settings -> Preferences -> Listers -> File Display and configure the Double-click on file display background option.

If you want something more like Explorer's checkbox mode, don't use checkbox mode in Opus at all. Instead, use the middle mouse button to select/deselect files instead of the left mouse button. That will do a "toggle select" (like a ctrl-left click but without having to touch the keyboard) which is basically all that Explorer's checkbox mode gives you.

You can also make Opus do "toggle select" on the left mouse button if you want. That requires you to use "Power Mode" instead of the normal Details, Thumbnails, etc. modes. Power Mode lets you configure what the mouse buttons do.

Note: If the middle mouse button doesn't do anything, or does something else, you've probably got it assigned to a special function in your mouse's control panel. It should be assigned to "Middle Button" or "Generic Button" or similar (exact wording depends on the mouse drivers).

I forgot, a button which runs Select NONE is already on the default toolbar. It's the right-click action of the select-all button:

Thank you for your fast and extensive response leo (and my apologies for my late thank you), it is really helpful! I am starting to enjoy DOpus more and more every time I use it. I am really glad I bought it after an extensive search for the best alternative for Windows Explorer.

This is the one reason (checkboxes) why I use Dopus less and less. I work with a lot of files randomly, and need to move and/or copy. Checkboxes are useless. I can't Ctrl select. I can't shift select. These are normal functions in Win Explorer. In Dopus two directories open side by side, remembering my previous selections, and then thumb their nose at me because I cannot seem to move multiple files. Especially in Webdav scenarios. Very agonising.

You don't need checkboxes for those things in Opus. You can do them in the normal selection mode.

What is it about the normal.mode that puts you off using that? There may be a method or option to change it.

Are we talking about Details mode or another like Thumbnails or List?

Thanks for getting back to me.

OK, I've checked the manual more carefully (gosh that's so hard to do hehe). So if I use checkboxes I need to perform actions on selected checkboxes via the menu - easy to do just a different thought process. Here's the rub: I don 't use double-click much, I prefer single click which automatically opens files of course if set that way. So I'm unable to "normal select mode" because of how I've set that up. Is that right?

I get it now, having tried a few things. I'm so stuck on Win Explorer single window mindset.

  • Open Working folder, checkbox mode.
  • Second pane/window, open destination file - logical!
  • Select files in original pane using checkbox.
  • Hit Move button -automatically they are moved to destination file! That easy.

I had been trying to mouse move them up the tree to a folder as I would in Explorer.
Thanks for indulging me, I was determined to clear this up for myself this weekend.

BTW this is really great. I can go back to using DO as my preferred file manager.