Check for Program Updates only shows 12.XX

When I use Check Program for Updates for 13.XX I only get 12.XX updates - even when the Check for New Beta Releases is checked.
Clearly not a show stopper but a little annoying. Maybe only happening on my setup.

Do you mean the installers it downloads? Opus 13 will detect Opus 13 updates. Opus 12 won't, at least while we're still in the beta phase.

Or do you mean the news feed? We aren't putting Opus 13 updates in there yet, as it would get in the way of people who aren't interested in the beta, and it's what the forum is for.

Not using the news feed. This is in the upper right corner with the question mark as an icon. I click on the drop down menu and select Check for Program Updates. All that pops up are the 12.XX updates.

Have you installed the Opus 13 beta or are you still running Opus 12?

I am using 13.0.48 but it has been happening with other earlier versions of 13.XX.

Please post a screenshot.


It says "your version is current", which is correct if you're already on 13.0.48. When 13.0.49 comes out, it should detect it in the top half of the dialog.

The bottom half of the dialog is the news section I mentioned above, which won't start showing posts about Opus 13 until the public beta finishes. (Opus 12 users see the same news feed, and we don't want to spam them with a hundred posts about beta versions as we iterate through the public beta issues and updates.)

That's my point. When there are new releases they are are not being detected. It just shows the 12.XX releases. I manually download the beta release and update it. This has been happening through at least 4 releases. That's why I reported it as a potential issue. Not a deal breaker as I can clearly update to a new release manually. Didn't know if it was a problem with Opus or just my setup nor did I know how to determine that.

When it happens please make a screenshot. (In other words, next time there is a new release that you don’t already have installed.)