Check free space before copy

Hi, i'm new to this forums, and i'm using a trial version of DO 10. I've search in the help file and in the forum, but i can't find the answer to a simple question. Can DO check free space before copy a file to check if it fits?. I need this option, i couldn't find in the program settings, and i think this is a very important option (is a must for me)

No, there isn't an option for that, at least at the moment.

A big problem is knowing in advance how much space files & folders will take up in the destination. Filesystems have unpredictable per-file overheads. Not just simple things like cluster-size rounding, but variable-length metadata (e.g. file permissions, tags, comments), the way small files can be stored directly in the MFT, encryption/compression... And that's just some of the things for NTFS. Other filesystems will have different behaviours/quirks, and sometimes the filesystem is not known (e.g. a network share).

(There are also other complications, like knowing how much space you'll free up if some of the files you're copying will replace existing ones, disk quotas, etc. But the main problem is that it's simply difficult -- at times impossible -- to know how much space a file will really take up when written to a particular drive.)

Realistically, the best a program can do is use a very broad estimate, which would usually be wrong (in either direction). It wouldn't tell you much more than comparing the selected file-size against the remaining space in the status bar.

(Of course, if the amount of selected data is way above the amount of free space, then it's easy to say it won't fit. But then there will still be cases where you're not warned that the files won't fit but the destination ends up running out of space anyway. IMO, it doesn't make sense to have an unreliable warning like that, where it's only reliable in situations where it's already obvious that the files won't fit.)