Checkmark not applied

This not fixed,In custom button highlight colors, I've used same custom color for all the three hot and checkmark only,but for some custom toolbar icons(to toggle between details and thumbnails) checkmark is not applied.

Please post some screenshots to show what you're doing and what's happening.

I can't post a screenshot of what you ask,because It's the checkmark color(which is not shown for some of my custom toolbar icons).Thanks anyhow.

We need screenshots to understand exactly what you’re doing and seeing. There’s no reason you can’t post some.

this is as -


What do you mean by this? Please post a screenshot of the configuration.

Please show us the button definitions.


What's the meaning of - show us the button definitions?

You said your custom toolbar buttons are not highlighting when toggled/on.

You need to show us what your custom toolbar buttons are for us to help. What do they do? What commands do they run?