Choice of Backdrop


Have been a user of Opus for last 8 months and prior to that was a loyal Diropus Amiga fan.

I would like to put an image across the entire opus screen. That is I use a dual vertical lister, and would like to have 1 image that spans the two vertical "windows". I would like the image to appear "seamless"

Thanks in advance.


You just need to use the Shared image mode when defining which image is used (in the bottom half of Preferences / Display / Images).

When defining the available images (in the top half of P/D/I) you can set whether the images, when shared, are tiled (repeating) or stretched (resized to fill the window) in order to fit the space.

Thanks Nudel,

I also needed to remove the tick next to "Custom Colour and Font Settings enabled" which is found in the Tab next to where you described.

Now perfect.

Your help is much appreciated.


I guess you had a field with a background colour which was blocking out the image. You can also set that colour to be blended with the background image which can look quite nice. It's up to you.

Happy tinkering. :slight_smile: