Chronical File Deletions of a Certain Type

Is it possible for Opus to record all file deletions of a certain type?

I'm looking for a comma delimited text file or similar that would have these fields:

  • Datetime
  • Full path and filename
  • User who deleted it would be nice but not necessary
  • Message indicating it was deleted.

I want to be able to limit this to video files. I do a lot of editing and after a file is deleted I want to be able to use the log to prevent me from having to do rework in examining footage.

I have a SQL server in play and I would love to be able to pull that log data in to inform my workflow.

You could do it by editing the Delete button and/or hotkey and/or context menu item (etc.), but you'd have to ensure that everyone who might delete a file would use one of the methods you had customized. If they deleted it via some other method, or even some other program, then it still wouldn't be logged.

If the files are stored on an NTFS drive, you can use the auditing system that's built in to Windows to generate Event Log entries when things are done to certain files. But this was never used very much so I'm not sure if there are good guides/tools about using it.

Im ok with setting up a hot key to do the delete. Is this possible with a script?

A script could append more or less whatever you wanted to a log file.