Citrix Files for Windows: cursor moves up one level

Citrix Files for Windows allows one to use File Explorer to navigate and access the Citrix Sharefile cloud portal that's similar to and Dropbox.

The cloud portal appears as a mapped drive on the local pc.

One right clicks on the mapped cloud drive folder or subfolder and get different functions such as upload, download, manage permissions.

It works fine with DO except for that "manage permissions" operation. See the attached video screen capture. Most of the time, but not always, when managing permissions the cursor focus moves up one level if I use DO. Supposed to stay on the subfolder whose permissions are getting edited. This doesn't happen in IE.

It looks like you have one folder selected in the tree, then right-click another?

The right-click menu should appear for the folder you right-clicked, of course.

But after the menu is finished, the folder which is actually selected will be selected again, not the one which was just right-clicked. (Right-clicking a folder in the tree does not change the active folder; it only opens a context menu for that folder. You need to left-click if you want to change the active folder as well.)

The video doesn't seem to show the context menu doing anything, but if it's also acting on the wrong folder then it's possibly it is acting on the current folder, not the folder it is told to act on (the one which was right-clicked). Changing folders first would avoid that issue as well, if that is what's happening.

Yup, that's what's happening. I'll be sure to left click on the desired folder before right clicking on it.