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Clean-up the "all files and folders" context menu?

I have added context menu items to the "all files and folder" context menu (e.g., Copy Filename). All fine. Apparently, though, context menu items can only be appended to the bottom of the Windows default context menu. At first, I thought it would be nice if I could have the most-used menu choices at (or toward) the top of the list (Open, Cut, Copy, Rename, Copy Filename, etc.) separated in a few groups, and indeed that would help, but then I realized that most of the Windows-provided context menu choices, I would like to relegate to a submenu to significantly shorten the list of choices on the context menu. Sure, I want some of the items on the list, such as "Command Prompt Here (Admin)", but I never want to see "Pin to ", or "Include in Library", etc. Note that the context menu for folders is worse than the context menu for files: too many diverse choices and many of them seldom used (by me). I want control over what shows up on the context menu and where it shows up, including the Windows context menu items (to some degree).

I seek to have a default "Open" (opens with the default program or performs the default action), and all the other ways to "open" a file or folder relegated to a submenu "Open with >" that pops up a submenu without any clicks required (just hover) and without a popup dialog appearing for selection of what program to use to open a file with (that's a separate submenu... "Find a program...").

Is any of the above possible? If not, I offer it as suggestion for further development.

Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus