Clear Top Two Text Boxes In Rename dialog box at once

In the mass Rename dialog box is there a way to clear both the Old name:/New name: (Find:/Replace) fields at the same time? I often use the Macro operations: section to trim or add text and have to go to the top and select and delete the contents of both fields manually.

If neither field has been modified, you should not need to clear them to start generating a macro. Just edit one of the names in the list at the bottom and your changes will be turned into a macron that affects all the other names automatically.

Thank you. I've only been using DOPUS for a few months and when I would select a group of files the dialog opens with the Old name: text field selected and this made me think I had to do something with them first so I never tried just clicking the Macro checkbox. I now notice that when I do the two text fields above are changed to an asterisk (full name) wildcards. I don't know if the documentation mentions this because I don't remember seeing it.
BTW: I can get so much done now with your Rename feature I rarely need to fire up my dedicated Rename program. I had been using RenameMaster.

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