Clearing File Filter Field Upon Directory Change

Ken regarding your point about the dynamic filter should 'always' preserve the 'static'. I guess that depends on where you want to divide the lines of overlap between the two filter methodologies - I know sometimes people do want to temporarily disable their normal folder options filter to reveal files they normally have hidden, but then again that can be done witha button or hotkey using the commands Nudel suggested earlier in this thread. Anyhow...

I think Jon's idea of a dynamically populated filter drop down reflecting current extensions is nifty... I automatically accomplish this sort of thing by first finding just one file with the extension I want to focus on and then using some batch code JohnZ provided a while back followed by Select NOPATTERN HIDEUNSEL. But what you suggested earlier and again just now adds some more icing to the cake... about exposing the rest of the filter subsystem. To go one more to both your and Jon's latest brainwork - I'd also suggest that some raw command extensions be made to make this sort of transient/dynamic 'view filter' functionality available for hotkey binding like we can with the current 'static' layer oriented Set function. Maybe just an additional argument to the existing use of the Set SHOW*/HIDE* functions and args - like Set CURRENT or Set CWD or something to indicate the filter should be cleared when changing to a different folder? Can you dig it?

Thankyou for your thoughful reply.
Your ideas are much appreciated.
Your comprehension of the topic exceeded my intent.