Clicking on saved lister closes open tab

dopus 10. i am finding that if i open a second (or third, etc) dopus window (tab? lister?) and click on a saved lister, all of the open windows (tabs? listers?) close and the saved lister opens in the first opened window (tab? lister?). the only way to keep multiple windows (tab? lister?) open is not to use one of the saved listers.

to state it another way: all open windows (tabs? listers?) don't operate independently, since using a saved lister closes all open windows (tabs? listers?) but one .

i presume that there is some preference setting that is making this happen, but i can't figure out which one.

can someone enlighten me?

First we need to get the terminology right so we're all talking about the same things and don't confuse each other.

This is a lister (the whole window):

This is one of the three folder tabs within that lister:

This is the file display within that folder tab:

Also. how are you "opening" the new listers/tabs/whichever thing you're opening that's closing the other things...?

If you are in fact using saved lister layouts... then in Preferences, look under Layouts and Styles->Layouts at the Layouts that you're using, and see if they have the Close all existing Listers when loading this layout enabled options.

If we're talking about Folder Tab "groups" then there is a similar sort of option in Prefs under Folder Tabs->Tab Groups called Close existing Folder Tabs. I think Leo wanted to make sure of what we were talking about before referring you to these options though.

leo, excellent. thank you. i have found dopus terminology very confusing, which is why i used all those terms. as it turns out, i don't use tabs at all. so, forget tabs.

i am referring to listers, the whole window. which each show up as a "tab" in the win7 taskbar. so... i click on the dopus icon in win7 taskbar, a lister opens, eg: to My Docs. then i click on the dopus icon again to open another lister which also opens to My docs. if i then click on a saved lister "program files" in the second lister, the second lister closes and the first lister changes to "program files" . if i navigate, manually, to "program files" in the 2nd lister, then it stays open. I could have 3 listers open, and if i click on a saved lister, they all close, except the first opened one which then shows the saved lister.

the problem is that each open lister won't operate independantly.

i hope this is clearer than the first iteration.

That makes sense.

Steje's first guess/suggestion will fix things for you. Go to Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts and select each layout in the list, making sure Close all existing Listers when loading this layout is turned off for it.

In fact, they are all closing and then being replaced by a new lister.

Turning off the "close all existing..." flag will mean all the existing ones stay open, and you get a new one open in addition.

(Is that what you want? Or do you want the current lister to be replaced by the new lister, but leave the other open listers alone?)

seems that my last rejply, about how "Close all existing Listers when loading this layout" is not checked, would have been somewhat misleading if it had actually posted. i just realized that when going to the "layouts and styles>layouts option, all the options are unchecked until one highlights one of the saved listers. turns out all the saved lists had this option checked. i unchecked, the original problem is now fixed. thank you.

one more adjustment: when i click on a saved lister, it opens in another lister, now leaving the original one still open. with this approach i can easily wind up with a long series of listers open. i have looked, but don't see an obvious choice for having saved listers open in the current open lister/window. if i want a second or third lister open with a different saved lister, i can click on the dopus taskbar icon and open a new one. iow: don't open or close listers for me, whatever i do in that lister stays in that lister.

how about that one?

The whole point of "saved listers" (Layouts) is to open new windows.

While you can make buttons/hotkeys which apply a saved lister (layout) to the current lister, you're better off using lister Styles instead, since that's exactly what they are intended for.

That's why Leo asked:

I guess your answer is "yes, I want a layout to open inside my current lister - replacing it, but other listers to be left alone" :slight_smile:...

Depending on where you're selecting your layout(s) from in order to load them up - you can probably change it to work how you want. I imagine you're looking at the list under the Settings->Lister Layouts menu... If so, select Settings->Customize Toolbars... then click back through the Settings menu in customize mode and under the "Lister Layouts" menu you'll see an item at the bottom called Saved Layouts. Edit that item and change it from the default:

Prefs LAYOUTLIST something like:


If you don't want to edit the defaults... or you're not calling up the layouts from here - you can also just create a new menu item and a button to run a command like the one above anywhere on your toolbar... or if there's only one layout you usually use, you can do away with showing the "list" of them in a menu, and just create a button or hotkey binding to load the specific layout you want with a modified command like:

Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER=paths,pos,size LAYOUT=tridents_layout_name

I'm afraid that we have reached a point where i am totally confused. . i don't know what the difference is between a layout and a style. i tried to find someplace to save a "style", as leo indicated that this is really what i want, that but looking at menus under "file", "Edit" "tools" or "settings", i see no references to "style".

i also attempted to follow steje's instructions. "If so, select Settings->Customize Toolbars... then click back through the Settings menu in customize mode and " (can't say i have ever seen a method of changing settings like that, not at all intuitive) What the "functions" code is supposed to do is a mystery to me. not to mention figuring out which code to use, and muddling through it to get it to work as i want, assuming it would. i looked for "styles" but don't see it.

i have placed several "lister layouts" on the toolbar. they are the same "lister layouts" shown in settings>lister layouts. each one presents a lister of a particular drive with a particular folder open. folder tree on left, folder open in middle and, with some, a preview pane on right. i don't remember having this problem in ver 9, though it is possible that i don't remember correctly. the only issue i had with ver 9 is that it didn't work so well opening in win7, otherwise i wouldn't have tried ver10 . at this point i have to say that it is a wash.

is there anything left to try to make it work as i want?

I don't think anyone's quite sure exactly what you want. Can you please summarise in one or two sentences (without reference to anything you have tried, or works, or doesn't work) exactly what it is you're trying to achieve?

LOL i'll try to explain.

i am getting the idea that saved listers can't be made to open in an existing window/lister, ie, not have to open another window for themselves. from what leo said, i have the impression that "styles" is what i need to use to be able to do this, not saved listers, but i don't understand what styles are, as opposed to saved listers, or how to access them. i don't see them referenced in the menu. also, i will not be able to remember or have space for more hotkeys, so that isn't a good option for accessing styles/listers. currently i have the saved listers listed on the menu bar, which is just what i like.

steje indicated that by changing "prefs 'layout list' " to something else i can make the "saved listers "open in the existing window. i have no idea what the prefs do, or which ones to assemble there to make it happen.

i was hoping for a setting to check or uncheck that said something to the effect of "open lister in same window". seems like it much more complicated than that.


Not really :slight_smile: I still don't know what it is you're trying to achieve.
Forget what you don't understand, what you've tried, what you haven't tried, what steje said and just tell us what it is you want to do.

whoa. i think that i just found styles, they are listed under the toolbars>tabbar. (why not toolbars>styles?). still, i don't see how to save a particular lister as a style. when i
"save as" and give it the correct name it adds the tab to the toolbar. then i bring up another lister, save as, and now i have that lister under two different tab names. the previous tab and the current tab.

seems like this shouldn't be so difficult.

i see what is happening, styles only allows me to arrange the look of the window, but not the content. if this is the case then styles won't do the job for me.

sorry about all the posts, but Edit doesn't seem to be an option.

Still don't know what you want... :slight_smile:

Honestly, I'm sure we can help you - but not until you actually explain what you want to do.

From the Opus 9 Reference Manual

"A Layout remembers the details of one or more Listers saved as a set. The Layout records the current screen position, the display format and current path of all Listers which are open at the time you save the set. Opus Layouts even support Listers on different monitors if you have multiple monitors attached to your machine."

Styles control the look of listers. For example, you can have Single, Dual, Tree, Dual Tree, No Tree, Images, Details, Filmstrip, etc.. There are several built-in default styles and of course you can create your own.

Hope this helps.... :slight_smile:

Regards, AB

a saved lister does mostly what i want, except that when clicking on a saved lister, to not have it open a new window. ie: stay in the same window, but with the content and style of the lister just clicked on. maybe think of it as combining lister and style. or a style that shows particular content. i don't want to have a new dopus window open whenever i look at a different lister.

Seems to me there are two scenarios..

[ol][li]You have a single lister open and you want to replace it with another (saved) lister layout.[/li][li]You have several listers open and you want to replace the current/foreground lister with a another (saved) lister.[/li][/ol]
When opening a lister layout you can either add it to the current lister "ring", or close all other listers. That effectively rules out the use of saved listers unless you only ever have one lister open, in which case (2) will do what you want.

An alternative approach is to use the raw Go command to open the path you want in the current lister (e.g. Go "C:\Windows"). If you have folder content type detection enabled in your preferences, the style may change depending on which folder you open. Your command could, of course, apply a style after executing the Go command.

Regards, AB

What do you actually want to do?

We can't tell you how to do it without knowing what it is.