Clipboard CopyNames on Multiple Files to Multiple Clips


I currently have a button that uses the command "Clipboard CopyNames". When multiple files are selected, all filenames get copied into the Clipboard, separated by a Carriage Return.

However, what I'd really like is to have each filename individually copied to the Clipboard. I use a Clipboard Manager, so every time I do a copy, it is saved in a list.

Would it be possible to do this? I didn't see any arguments on the Clipboard command that would allow me to do this, so I'm hoping there is a away somehow.


I'm not sure that would work reliably, since there would be nothing to stop Opus setting one filename, then another filename, before Clipboard Manager had reacted to the first one.

You could write a script that added a delay between each setting of the clipboard, but you'd have to experiment to get the delay the right length, and then you could still lose filenames if the machine was running slowly one day, with no real way to know it had happened either.

Ok, then, I will try using a script.

This will be my first script, so it should be an interesting experience. :wink:

I'll post back with my results.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Ok, I got the script and, yes, a delay is needed, but I could not determine how to add a delay.

All the searches I did on the Internet for vbscript were using the WScript object and the sleep method, but I don't know what object I would use/instantiate in DOpus scripting to use.


Opus provides an object with a Delay method: ... /DOpus.htm

Yes, thanks...just found it a few minutes ago! :smiley:

Ok, my script works now. I settled on 500ms for the delay.

Thanks again for your help!