"Clipboard COPYNAMES=url" hotkey wont work on Folder Tree

I have a custom "Context Menu" function for "All Folders" that is "Clipboard COPYNAMES=url". this works great on any folder either in the folder tree or the file display.

Given that I use this function often, i created a hotkey (F4) that invokes "Clipboard COPYNAMES=url". It works just fine in the file display, but has no effect when I highlight a folder in the folder tree (i.e. the clipboard contents dont change at all). This is a real dissapointment since, if i want to use the hotkey, I have to select a target folder's parent folder so thst target folder displays in file view, select target folder in file view, hit F4, then click target folder again in the tree to show its contents.

I would imagine this is a small bug/oversight, since if I do it from the context menu in the tree it does copy the folder path to the clipboard?

I've just sent GPSoftware a feature request, suggesting they make Clipboard COPYNAMES use the tree if it has the focus and the command is run from a hotkey or toolbar.

Awesome, thanks nudel!