Clipboard not updating as expected

I am trialing 12.33 and created a simple command sequence, associated with a button, to create a new folder named according to the selected file and then move that selected file into the folder. However, the clipboard does not update as expected and the folder that is created has a name according to old clipboard contents.
My command sequence is:

// Only do this operation on files (not folders)
// Obtain the name of the selected file without the path and remove the extension
Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths REGEXP "(.).(.)" "\1"
// Create a sub-folder in the current folder with the name in the clipboard
// AND THEN Move the current file into the newly created folder

After running this sequence I can review the clipboard contents from the Paste menu and it has been updated, but it appears the update occurs after the folder was created since the folder is wrongly named.
Hopefully someone can point out what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

No need to use the clipboard. Write the command like this:

Thanks. That seems to work, although I don't understand why my command sequence didn't work.
Have a merry Christmas.

Opus fills arguments like {clip} and {date} with the current values at the beginning and will not update them during code execution. They are rather placeholders than variables.