"Clipboard Text.txt" instead of .jpg by drag&drop?

I connect my Android-Phone to my win7-PC by WiFi. Using the software MyPhoneExplorer i can browse the SDcard of my phone and drag&drop pics made by the camera of the phone from the SDcard to Windows Explorer.

But when i drag&drop (several) pics (jpg) to Dopus only 1 file with the name "Clipboard Text.txt" gets inserted instead of the JPG's. Whats the problem with that?

Are you actually using drag & drop, or are you doing Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V?

Clipboard Text.txt is what will be pasted into Opus if you Ctrl-V when there is text on the clipboard. I've never seen (or heard of) it being created as a result of drag & drop.

What is in the Clipboard Text.txt file that gets created?

i use drag&drop from the window of MyPhoneExplorer to the window of Dopus.

The content of the .txt file is the name of only the first of the pics that i try to copy by drag&drop, e.g. "IMAG0123.jpg".

i know of at least 1 more user having the same issue.

With the same program, or a different one?

It's probably putting both the files and some text in the clipboard, which is unusual, and Opus may be giving the text priority. I haven't had a chance to take a closer look yet, though.

yes, he uses the the same programm, an excellent Freeware for browsing/syncing all kind of data on phones: MyPhoneExplorer