Close a folder automatically in the tree


I'd like to know if it's possible to close a folder automatically in the tree when I select a new folder by clicking on it.

I tried to find a post on it without success.
I bought DO VERS. .

Thanks for your help by advance.

In Opus 9 there's an option "collapse non-selected branches." I can't remember back to three years ago to say if it was in Opus 8 or not.

Do you think about this internal command :
Go to the root of the current folder
collapse Go to the root of the current folder and collapse the
Folder Tree

In this case, can explain me how to use it ? In using this example.
I don't understand how to use internal command.

That's a command argument, not a command.

The command you want is:

Go ROOT=collapse

FWIW, that may only collapse the branch for the current drive:

I looked for know how setting it.
I understand now.

But instead to put ALL in the command SELECT,
do you think it's possible to specify
something as
ina button ,

If I don't make a mistake,
there is not argument as EXCEPT, SELECTED.

or in making something as :
in the button.
Like this, when you select a sub-folder, you click on this button and all other folders are closed

You can invert the selection but that won't have any effect on what Go ROOT=collapse command does. (It doesn't act on the selection; it acts on the current folder.)

AFAIK there isn't a command to do what you want.