Close All Tabs

Before version 11.6 I seem to be fine using Go TABGROUPLOAD="Fresh" to close all open tags and be left with just the Computer tab that lets me see all drives (IDL:?AAAAFAAfUOBP0CDqOmkQotgIACswMJ0AAA==). Now it does not seem to work. Has there been a change in how this works. How can I make a button close all tabs and bring to MyComputer (Drive Listing) now? Thanks

If you edit that tab group, via Preferences / Folder Tabs / Tab Groups does it have Close existing Folder Tabs checked?

Scratch that message, I goofed, I forgot that "Fresh" was a tab group that I made and recently deleted it and all my groups that were getting to be to many. Sorry for the confusion. Directory Opus, its Staff, and great community never stop giving! Thank you very much.