Close Tab 'X'

Hello folks!
It's kind of cumbersome to right click on tabs and then go down to close tab. I seem to open and close tabs all the time.

Is it possible to add an 'X' button to the right of the name of the tab so that I can one-click close? Or is there a hot key to close a tab?


Just need to turn the option on :slight_smile:

Preferences -> Folder Tabs -> Options: Folder tab close buttons

You can also double click on the tab icon to close the tab.

Regards, AB

You could also bind a shortcut to the command GO TABCLOSE.

Ctrl-F4 closes tabs by default. (Standard Windows hotkey for closing child/document windows.)

You guys are super helpful. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Now to figure out how to turn on notifications when my posts are responded to! Hah!


Let's not forget the middle mousebutton, it's closing tabs quite excellent as well.. o)