Hi guys,

I have noticed that when I run the command prompt from a lister (?cmd), I have to type in exit twice before the command prompt closes. Manually clicking on the close button works as expected.

I Have tested this on my home version (Windows 7) and my works USB version (Windows XP) and the propblen is there with both.

This is not a major issue but as I predominantly use keyboard control, I would rather not have to type in "exit" twice... such a time waster :slight_smile:

Can anyone else reproduce or solve this?



?cmd runs cmd.exe from within a command prompt, so what you're seeing is exactly what should happen.

Use >cmd if you just want to launch cmd.exe.

Cool, I never realised that. Great, you learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Cheers Leo.

Didn't realise >cmd would work, though I should have.
I often use "??" to do what you are asking, you get an error in the dos window saying ? is not a valid command, but it works. It's a shame that you can't use "?" to open a cmd window.

Aside, would be handy if ? and > gave a visual indication that they are different. like "Dos command" and "Dopus command".
That little feature (commands in lister by typing '?' or '>') is now my fave in dopus.

You can change the colours under Settings > Preferences > File Displays > Find-As-You-Type

You could assign a hotkey (e.g. Ctrl-/ so it's like typing ? but with Ctrl instead of Shift) to Tools -> Command Prompt Here.

Both good suggestions, thanks