Code to automate DOpus background image used?

Currently, I have to go into Preferences and manually change each individual section to the same image to get a seamless look to DOpus. Everything from the Standard Toolbar Image all the way through that list in the Preferences. There's got to be a way of automating all this when changing background images.

Does anybody know of how to code this into a button that can be used assuming you already have an image in mind? This way...I press the button and presto...the DOpus background image is changed without laboring through the manual process of individually setting those options? As for what I like is the option to "share" the image across multiple listers because I like the Dual Commander approach more than any other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Set everything to use one image in the list at the top. When you want to change the image, select it, click the Browse button (the folder above the list) and pick the new file. Then OK the Preferences dialog and you are done.

In other words, the answer is no. I have to manually do this over and over to get the image I want. I'm sorry...but this is too laborious a problem to constantly go through every time.

In toto...I really can't believe DOpus' vast scripting capabilities makes it impossible to code a button to fulfill a simple request to change the background. That should be doable. I really don't see why not.

You don't have to do anything over and over. Read what I said carefully. You set all the things to point to a single image and then when you want to change that image you click brows on just that single image, select a new one and click OK.