Collecting texts from browser per setclip?

I´m using setclip for collecting items from Opus, but how is it possible to collect text fragments from other applications like browsers?
It would be alright if they´d been pasted in one piece later.

How do you think DOpus could help you expanding the poor properties of the Windows Clipboard? You should ask your Question in a Windows-related Forum or search Google for a Clipboard-Tool doing the job.
I use the little Freeware-Tool "ClipX" for that (Google will find it).

Setclip isn´t a regular part of Opus & probably capable of the requested task.

OK, excuse me, I see what you mean.
So your Question would be placed best in the "Tools"- Section here, where Setclip is introduced.
But it's just a command-line tool which can be used outside DOpus too (e.g. from a batchfile or other script). So you will need to write a script that copies selected Text out of e.g. Firefox (...but I'm no expert for this).
You'll find the commandline-options for Setclip here: ... ml#SetClip

As others have suggested, a clipboard tool might be a better option than a file manager, even one that can also fly through volcanoes.

I use Clipmate, have done for years. Google will find it. The only proviso I throw in is that the developer seems to be slow on the move to 64-bit and other stuff that comes with Windows 7.

This tool does the job, thx. Clipmate also looks interesting, but it´s no freeware. I also use ac'tivaid, but it´s clipboard feature can only handle text, while ClipX can also handle files, which is handy.