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Collection by Label and Reorder Labels


Been searching through the manual, the boards and google for a few hours, but unfortunately I haven't got this figured out, perhaps too tired... Anyway, I would like to label files things like:

[li] Starred (I had a star emoji before the word "starred" but it's not supported by the message board)[/li]
[li] Urgent (I had a fire emoji before the word "urgent", but also blocked by message board)[/li]
[li] Project ABC[/li]
[li] Project XYZ[/li]
[li] Project LMNOP[/li][/ul]
Then I would like to go into File Collections -> Labels -> Starred or File Collections -> Labels -> Project XYZ and be able to see all of the correspondingly labeled files. I realize I can technically get to the file labels under Dopus -> Preferences -> File and Folder Labels, but this isn't really an ideal interface for reorganizing files.

I tried to set the File Collections Query to:
[li]Find NAME=Project_ABC (this was when I created a separate filter named Project_ABC looking for Label = "Project ABC" via the find window... this works fine in the find window itself, but I just get an empty result set when I try to enter this as the query inside my File Collection > Stored Query > Query.[/li]
[li]Label:Project ABC[/li]
[li]Label:=Project ABC[/li]
[li]Label:"Project ABC"[/li]
[li]Every other similar iteration that I could think of...[/li][/ul]

If there is a better way to achieve the workflow that I'm looking for, please let me know. I'm open to doing it a different way, just seems like this is what Stored Queries are meant for, but I can't get any stored queries involving labels to work.

Also, I would like to manually order the items in the label menu. Most menus in Dopus seem to be customization, yet I can't manually drag and drop or manually otherwise control the label order in Dopus... Please advise on how this should be working. Numbering labels "(1) RED" "(2) Blue" doesn't seem like a very good solution.

To search by label, you can't use a Windows Search query as labels are specific to Opus.

You can do it via Tools > Find Files > Advanced. The filter defined there can match by label, and can also be saved so that you can make a button that automates the operation. The button could then be clicked each time you want to see everything with a certain label, although you would have to wait for the search to happen.

Command for the button which searched two folders would be something like:

Find FILTER NAME="My Filter Name" IN "C:\My Folder 1" "D:\Another Folder"

Would this query for enabling a filter that searches for a label somehow work in conjunction with a Stored Query?

I've tried to put many variations of the code you mention in the stored query "Query:" field, but still can't get the labels to show up.

Labels are specific to Opus and not something that Windows Search knows about, so they only work with Opus's internal Find panel and filters, not with Windows Search queries.

The code above is not a stored query, it's button code which you can put on a toolbar button or hotkey. Here's how.