Collection Date

Searched for this, did not find anything. I noticed today that my collections (of log files on multiple shared drives) does not update with the correct date. Was not sure if this was a bug, known bug, or working as designed? I can launch a new listener and go to each drive and the dates are correct, just not on the file in the collection.

Let me know if you would like screen shots.

OH PS, forgot to add "stupid user error", int eh lsit above, it is entirely possible i am doing something wrong, haha.

Are they network drives?

How many files are in the collections?

8 very large, constantly being writen to log files from 4 differant networked servers being accessed by multiple people.

Or short answer, 8 files and yes networked. :slight_smile:

I don't think Collections monitor files on network drives for changes (unless the folder they are in happens to be open in another window).

For it to work, a Collections pointing to files in lots of different network locations would have to connect to and monitor each location to detect changes in the files, which could be problematic.

(If an Opus window is pointing at the network folder, then it will monitor that folder for changes, and any changes it sees will be fed into the collection as well.)

Ok, thanks. Thought i found a good way to keep track of several logs all over the place. But i need to copy open the ones that are most active on a regular basis and often use the exsploer and opus listeners sorted by date. The problem was there were so many other logs in those lists i dont care about hence the use of collections.

Guess i can still use collection but perhaps write script that only pulls in files that > o size and most recent date to assist.

Wonder if i write script that makes a collection and just run that, think at the time it is added it checks the date?

If the problem is other logs in the same directory getting in the way, you can use filters to hide them and only show the logs you are interested in.

That is what i think i will do, it was what i thought of before deciding to use comlections then i thought having all the files in one location would be nice. Thanks, you have been helpfull!