Collection: update file size within


when you have a collection of files,
if the size of these files change, how can you make the collection reflect the changes ?

In my case, I have resized pictures from a collection to reduce the size (KB), and they still show the original size.

I tried the ctrl+ L trick but no luck.



4 years later, I still have the same issue with collections.

I have the same issue with other information too, like "modified date" for instance.
I see the modified date from the day the file was added to the collection, and when I look at the properties I see the correct date (today for instance).

How can you update the file info in a collection ? (f5 doesn't help).

I hope I'll get a bit more feedback than 4 years ago about the same question.


It should happen automatically, if Opus can see the change at all.

Does this happen even with a simple test collection? e.g. Create a new collection at the top-level (not nested), and add just one text file from your desktop to it, then edit the file. Does the size update after a second or two?

Under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced, what are these set to? Is either set to a non-default value (it will be in bold if so)?


Changes to folders are not being detected has other suggestions which may be worth trying.

Do you have a lot of collections, nested collections, or collections containing tens of thousands of items, or anything like that?

it is a simple collection of files located on the network, no nested collection.
collection_change_delay is default (5000)
no_external_change_notify is default (false)

I have something interesting to add to this description.
I have set up an highlight for files modified within the last hour (following one of your great videos you used to publish for each new Dopus version, speaking about them, I miss them !!) .

Guess what, once I check the file properties within Dopus, then the file is highlighted in the collection, but the modified date column doesn't show the change at all.

I did another test, added a file from a network location, then if I edit and save the file from the collection, then the date doesn't change.
If I do the same from the lister displaying the remote folder, then the collection is updated.

I also tried to add a local file in the same collection (the files I add in collection are usually located on Windows network share):
I set a created and modified date in 2014.
then I added the file to the collection.
I edited the file from a remote computer (through d$ share) and the date and size were correctly updated within 1-2 seconds.

Does it help to understand where is the issue ?

Network folders explains it. Collections cache the details of network files and don't monitor them for changes, since it could be problematic to monitor every folder containing collection items over the network. (For local folders, we can monitor the whole system with a small overhead, but there's no provision in Windows to do that over a network.)

Updating the cached values is probably going to be a matter or removing & re-adding the items. That can be automated for a whole collection using DOpusRT: External Manipulation of File Collections, or could be done for just selected files via a script. (Of course, a script could also be written which does both, and refreshes the whole collection if nothing is selected.) Time permitting, I might be able to look at writing that, although I can't right at this minute.


what about an option in Dopus to let us right click a collection and do "update files information" or something similar ?

or maybe a ctrl+F5 to force an update ?