Collections: Copying multiple items via script, and adding Drive Roots

Command.Addline("Copy to coll://123");

will work wrong if Command.files.count has more than one.
Disk like "D:" can not add to the DO cellection which can cause a script returning a collection of parent folders go wrong.

  1. Seems to work fine:

    Also tested with:

    Running with this selection:

    Into this collection:

    Gives this result:

  2. That was intentionally blocked in 12.7 to avoid problems. I've spent today making changes to get it to work so we can un-block it, since it does seem useful for certain things. That should be in the next beta. It's a bit experimental but seems to work in my tests so far.

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Oh,yes,I am sorry that it works fine at the current version while what I want to say is another situation.

Command.Addline('Copy "{filepath}*" to coll://123');

To make a comparison,I upload two command files. With the running of command "Unpack MODE=view",one Unpack2.dcf (5.7 KB) works fine while the other Unpack.dcf (5.9 KB) works wrong in which case even thought the arg COPYTOCOLL=member in Copy command makes no sense. But when the target is normal folder like Copy "{filepath}*" to c:\123 rather than a file collection,it works perfectly.
Expecting for your fix If bug I discribed does really exist.

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Oh, I have linked successfully now. Maybe the website has not refresh that fast a few minutes before.


I'm not sure this involves scripts at all.

I'm guessing your script is trying to add the contents of more than one folder to a collection.

The same happens if you run this with two or more folders selected from a non-script button:

copy {filepath}* to coll://Test COPYTOCOLL=member 

We're looking into that, now that we have a much more simple handle on the underlying problem.

If you want a workaround for your script, you can run the same command for each folder separately (by controlling what is added to the Command object) and it should work OK.

Yes,the subitems of more than one folder. And probably the bug have no relation to scripts.

That should work in the next beta.

Great work!