Collections reject (don't allow) duplicate file names - needed value is thus denied

Thx again for a moon shot product, GPSoft :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I often use file finder or FileLocatorPro or X1 Search to locate files,
and then of course, collections to manage related groups of them.

Sadly, collections don't allow duplicate file names in the same folder,
like the file system, and, imho, should.
Turning on a checksum column makes it easy to tell if files are identical.
folder names often also help disambiguate contents and versions.

I believe there is no technical reason why collections should
impost this constraint, and it should be selectable and overrideable.

I believe this is fundamental to the value proposition and
design philosophy of the product, in being adaptable
to its users' ways of thinking and organizing information.

This is particularly so for your power users who derive
the greatest benefit from your magnificent product.

Workflows by both individuals and teams routinely
create filename duplicates. Locating and distinguishing them
is a key information management task, that happens with surprising
regularity. So this is in fact a missed opportunity for GPSoft
to create value for customers, and thus itself.
With a very small change, Opus could offer that value.

Leo, your thoughts ?

Collections can contain two files with the same name. There's no restriction there.

For example, if you have C:\File.txt and D:\File.txt, you can add both of them to the same collection.