Collections should allow the same FlatView options as ordinary folders

After organizing files into collections with sub-collections,
Opus doesn't then provide Flat-View options to help see the complete hierarchy,
which it does provide for any ordinary file system folder.

When I raised this once previously,
the answer I was given by GPSoft, was
"Why would anyone want to do that ?"

My response is, collections are conceptually similar to ordinary file system folders,
so given collections are intended to be more flexible and thus useful,
via the Flat View options, then why constrain them in a way that ordinary folders are not ?

The whole purpose of Opus is to help customers organize their information.
Opus' design was clever enough to provide this unique feature.
It's now inconvenient for GPSoft to provide this feature consistently in
this conceptually extremely similar domain ?
Surely not ?

Collections show location for files and target for links,
and also allow source-folder hierarchies to be replicated in collections,
so, again, why provide visibilty of folder hierarchy nesting and contents,
yet deny visilbility of the same, for collections
... it's inconsistent and limiting, and, sorry to say, a bit clumsy in its absence,
sorry again, but shows a limited imagination and support of
a feature that a client would consider intuitive, and best practice, and obvious

Opus in general, does a head-and-shoulders better job of enabling
information management for its customers, than any of the many
other file-system management products, because its creators
have historically, repeatedly asked, "how might it be done better ?"
and come up with imaginative, coherent, fluent and effective answers
... after 20 years, is it now hard to inspire fresh ideas and consistency,
i.e. to closely occupy a client's value mindset/perspective ?

One would anticipate delivering this would not be especially difficult,
as the algorithm already exists, and need only be merged into the
code of the collection file-system.

I believe this is fundamental to the value proposition and
design philosophy of the product, in being adaptable
to its users' ways of thinking and organizing information.

This is particularly so for your power users who derive
the greatest benefit from your magnificent product.

Could we have answer this time, please, both more imaginative,
and in keeping with the ethos of the product ?
Not delivered overnight, but, at least, given some serious consideration,
with hopefully it being prioritized from the feature backlog
into an at least roughly planned beta release date ?
e.g. 3 months, 6 months, a year ?

Your thoughts, Leo ?

Use Libraries for this.