Color and fonts of Info Tips

I could only find settings for changing the fonts size of the Info Tips. Is there any way to change the color of fonts, background and opacity of the Info Tip menu?

Maybe in the future. Right now they are drawn using the system-wide visual style elements and colors.

You can certainly colour the text in Info Tips by setting the colour you want by its hex value. e.g

<#a5b5d6>Filename:</#> {name} Folder: <#ed2b0b>{path} </#>

This colours the bolded word "Filename" in purple and sets the {path} to a red colour

<#ed2b0b> is Red: 237 Green:43 Blue:11

will convert RGB colour values to hex

But can you tell me where I can make these settings?!Documents/Info_Tip.htm

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Oh yes, it works.

Info Tip

Thank you guys!

Yeah but how to change color of background of info tip.
sorry but i couldn't find in File Type Editor.

You can't currently, other than by changing the system-wide theme/colors.

We might add a way to do so in the future, since Windows itself doesn't seem to be progressing here.